‘Stark Tower’ Hotel To Open In Disneyland Paris

‘Stark Tower’ Hotel To Open In Disneyland Paris

Only last week Disney used the powers of the force to set the internet alight with news of a Star Wars themed hotel. An immersive Star Wars hotel in Orlando is beyond exciting – but what if you want to blend your love of comics and movie legend with a world class cultural city? (Sorry, Orlando). To attract the Spider sense of nerds worldwide, and perhaps their significant others too- Disney is launching a Marvel themed hotel, designed to look like Stark Tower, in PARIS. If it’s good enough for Iron Man, it should do the trick…


“We’re going to create a hotel at Disneyland Paris that would make Tony Stark proud.”  – Bob Chapek, Disney


Named The “Art Of Marvel”, the Disney owned hotel will delight guests with an eclectic collection of Marvel material from Iron Man, Spider Man and The Avengers. Expect comic strips, superpowers, body suits, interactive installations and guest participation. The Four star hotel will be coming to Disneyland Paris and is designed to resemble Stark Tower from the outside, as well as interiors based on Tony Stark (Iron Man’s) sweet NYC digs.


Sadly there’s no launch date at the moment. With the kind of interest expected from pooling all the people who love Paris, Spiderman, Iron Man and/or The Avengers together- it’s not hard to imagine why Disney would want to hop on this as fast as they can go. After all, if Tony Stark is involved, it should be pretty impressive. We’ll keep you updated.

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