Sony Lets Your Check Your Smartphone In VR

Sony Lets Your Check Your Smartphone In VR
September 18, 2016

During a press conference at the Tokyo Game Show, Sony announced a new service that enables users to check messages and apps without having to remove PlayStation VR headset. Named as “AnywhereVR” the service connects a mobile phone to PS VR and projects the phone’s display inside an immersive environment. VR” delivers users a relaxing scene experience, such as a beach or a star-studded sky with a selection of different music choices.
Speaking at the Tokyo Game Show annual exhibition opening event, Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan Asia President Atsushi Morita said that “PlayStation VR will be used to show live-theater performances, tours of historical sites, concerts and karaoke video.” Anywhere VR will be first released in Japan later this year, however Sony hasn’t confirmed much of the details about the service yet.

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