Sony Is Banking Hard On The PS VR Headset

Sony Is Banking Hard On The PS VR Headset
November 3, 2016

Sony’s earning have been a mixed bag the last few years, to say the least. While the Japanese corporation has made gains in some sectors, others have tanked miserably. Combined with the bad luck of an earthquake in April of this year and a strong Yen, it’s not been easy being Sony. Gaming is now their primary ticket to reach their profit targets for this year. In particular, investors are hoping that the VR headset will sell well. Will it be enough?

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Bloomberg released a report this morning that shares in Sony have dropped by as much as 2.6% this quarter. Although Sony did make a profit, they had missed their profit targets by as much as 2billion Yen (30million SGD). This is despite the sale of their unprofitable battery industry. Therefore, it’s reported that they are hoping that the PlayStation VR headsets sell well. However, Bloomberg noted that Sony had declined to give any numbers about sales targets or how initial release went. Either way, if you want to make sure that Sony keeps on producing content for the PlayStation, it would be worth looking to buying the PSVR.
Is there content to match?

Hinting there. Image courtesy: Road to VR
Systems and hardware live and die by the content they produce. So far there has been a fair amount created for the PSVR, but it still pales in comparison to the offerings on the PC. Sony is trying it’s best to increase the number of options out there for it’s VR headset. Just recently it was announced that the Call of Duty VR experience, shown at the XP event in September, would be free for all PS4 users. This was an Activision announcement, but Sony likely was part of the discussion Called Jackal Assault, players get to pilot the titular fighter/spacecraft. It’s a short experience that while fun, is noted for causing nausea.

Image courtesy: Road to VR
However, will this strategy pan out? After all, Microsoft’s newest console will not have any VR until there are fuller experiences available, which ties to a common complaint against many VR experiences. Variety is good, but if it’s just a large number of ten-minute experiences, it will not be enough to entice undecided consumers. Sony is playing a dangerous game by relying heavily on the PSVR.

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