Is Sony Already Ruling The VR Market With PSVR?

Is Sony Already Ruling The VR Market With PSVR?
December 7, 2016

PlayStation VR may have took the longest to join the VR space, but it’s already dominating everyone else.


PlayStation VR launched only in October, after a couple of delays and lenghty prototype phase. Despite this, it’s already the VR headset with the biggest market share.


As reported by VentureBeat, Sony’s current market share is estimated at around 30 percent, followed by 11 percent for Oculus Rift, and 6 percent for HTC Vive.


The data estimates are part of analysis done by 01consulting, a market research company that’s been recording data for “the past few months.” To that end, the report contains estimates based on sales from over 30 companies and 40 products worldwide.


The report also takes into account revenue, as well as units sold for each vendor. The lead Sony currently posses has been attributed to the cheaper entry price for the headset, and the massive install base PS4 provides. Surprisingly, cheaper options like Google Cardboard have much less of a share, at only 8 percent, thanks to the smaller install base.


The rest of the market is made up of other companies with VR tech, but not necessarily hardware, such as Epic Games, Unity, and Crytek. Here’s how things currently look like:

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