Sky’s Boss Eyes Push Into AI & Virtual Reality

Sky’s Boss Eyes Push Into AI & Virtual Reality
March 7, 2019

Sky boss Jeremy Darroch is pleased to have the sale to Comcast behind him so that the company can focus on future product innovations such as a move into AI and a virtual reality push.


Darroch was speaking at the Deloitte & Enders Media and Telecoms Conference 2019, months after Comcast’s $40B takeover of the European pay-TV giant, which has 23M subscribers

He said, “If you read the business pages over the last year or so, you’d think the only change that mattered at Sky was a change in ownership. I’m pleased with the way we managed that process, we secured a good outcome for shareholders and I’m excited about our future as part of Comcast. But I believe I can speak on behalf of all of my colleagues when I say they are pleased to have the sale behind us. The reason I say that, is because what really matters is not the headlines on the price paid or the excitement of a deal. What matters is how we can continue the journey this business is on and better equip ourselves to succeed.”


CEO Darroch said that past success will not keep competition at bay and that the “past is a floor to what we do, not some sort of cage to constrain us”.


He added that it need “constant renewal” to remain relevant. He pointed to a number of innovations that are likely to follow the likes of SkyQ and Now TV, which is set to power NBC Universal’s streaming push. “In the coming age of AI, of virtual reality, of rapid transformation, there will always be a need to renew the products and services we provide. You’ll not be surprised to hear that we have programmes in place that cover all of these areas. We will always be willing to adapt our business model to fit the needs of the consumer rather than expect them to adapt to meet the needs of our business.”


He added that being part of the “Comcast family” enhances and underwrites its ability to “move faster and to better serve our customers and audiences”.

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