Sennheiser Chief: VR Is Not There Yet

Sennheiser Chief: VR Is Not There Yet
March 13, 2017

Virtual reality technology is not yet up to scratch for fully “immersive” experiences, according to the joint bosses of German headphones and speakers business Sennheiser.


Andreas Sennheiser, who runs the family-owned business with his brother Daniel, said: “The technology for the visual part is not quite available to the extent that it’s needed. That’s really the next big step — to combine the visual part with the audio part.”


He was speaking at Abbey Road Studios, where the company’s Ambeo 3D audio technology is being used to create an immersive experience for The Pink Floyd Exhibition: Their Mortal Remains, which opens at the Victoria & Albert Museum in May. 


The climax will be an audio experience of Pink Floyd’s performance of Comfortably Numb from Live 8, using 25 Sennheiser speakers around the room. It has been arranged by the band’s recording engineer Andy Jackson to create the aural illusion of being at the gig.


Andreas Sennheiser said the next step in such virtual experiences would be “to mix in augmented realities”, explaining: “Ultimately, that’s when you get the perfect illusion of being there.” Co-chief executive Daniel Sennheiser added that the improvement in virtual and augmented reality would come “in time”.

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