Resident Evil 7 A Major Success For PSVR

Resident Evil 7 A Major Success For PSVR
January 31, 2017

At the time of this writing, more than 84,000 people have walked the dark and rotting hallways of Resident Evil 7’s haunted estate in virtual reality, around 10% of the active player base. The numbers continue to climb; just three days ago, that number was 62,000.


The total player numbers include both Xbox and PC players — there isn’t a separate tally of players for the PS4 edition. Resident Evil 7 only supports the PSVR headset, which means only people who have opted for Sony’s budget-priced gear even have the option to use the feature at all.


It indicates Sony’s cost-efficient approach to VR has been successful; at an absolute minimum, 84,000 people have bought and are actively using their device. Needless to say, that makes Resident Evil 7 a major VR success story. Despite prohibitive pricing and limited options, this is a good indicator that even this first generation of VR hardware not only works, but has a growing potential in the market.

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