Renault Launches VR Experience For Koleos Car

Renault Launches VR Experience For Koleos Car
March 9, 2017

Launched late 2016 in several fast-growing foreign markets, such as China, Australia and Middle East, New Koleos, the latest high-end SUV signed by Renault, finally arrives in Europe. Officially presented at the Geneva Motor Show, New Koleos makes its entrance into Renault car range, combining an armed design with a majestic style. Being a SUV with an athletic and refined look, New Koleos embodies the Renault’s new design as well as the brand promise to make everyone’s life easier.


New Koleos is the true companion of whoever seeks to meet challenges in his/her professional or private life, allowing to get to the next level, no matter the path and whatever the quest.


The Renault "Out of the ordinary driving experience" digital activation completes the 360 ​​° campaign developed by Publicis Conseil and seduces with its innovative story-telling, which is adapted to New Koleos’s core target, composed of top managers and entrepreneurs.


Two closely related films compose the activation, offering a unique digital experience for Internet users becoming protagonists in the discovery of the vehicle.

In the "stunt" film, a genuine trigger of the digital campaign, three businessmen are traveling on a plane. During the flight each one of the them has the chance to experience a test drive of the New Koleos in virtual reality. Thanks to a succession of surprising situations, our protagonists quickly realize that virtuality can be very close to reality ...


After having caught the attention of connected people, the "stunt" film is replaced on the social networks by the follow-up of the campaign: a virtual reality test drive.


It becomes possible to get behind the wheel of the New Koleos, either via a 360° Facebook or Youtube player at home or in a dealership through Google Cardboards or even through an Oculus mask in a motorshow!


The VR film offers a full immersion within the car allowing a memorable journey through landscapes both real and fictitious. Thanks to the spatialized sound and the stereoscopic effect, users are completely immersed in a car-discovery experience, both from the inside of the car and from the outside in a eye-catching timelapse. This film made in a single-sequence shot gives the feeling of being really at the wheel of this one-of-a-kind SUV.
It is the first premium VR film, made by Renault on a new car, for all car and technology enthusiasts, willing to live unusual experiences. The VR film is also available for visitors of the Renault corner at the Geneva Motorshow.


Get ready to get in the new Renault KOLEOS for an exceptional trip!


VP - Global Brand Strategy and Marketing Communications: Bastien Schupp 
Content & Media Director: Carine Gailliez
Digital Contact Strategy Manager: Alexandra Charbit-Abergel
Brand Contact Strategy Manager: Antoine Wolf
Project Manager: Carole Hurel

Executive Creative Director: Marcelo Vergara
Art Director: Arnaud Jolivel
Copywriter: Yannick Savioz

Account Directors: Patrick Lara, Karim Ben Hamida, Sylvain Michel, Carine de Oliveira 
Digital activation Production 
Executive Creative Director: Marcelo Vergara
Art Director: Arnaud Jolivel
Copywriter: Yannick Savioz
Account Director: Karim Ben Hamida
Project Manager: Gwladys Woimant
Creative Technologist: Julien Mahe
Production Director: Mathieu Chartier 

VR Film Production
Director: Pierre Zandrowicz
Producer: Antoine Cayrol
Production Company: OKIO Studio
Production Manager: Julien Bercy
Chef op : Maëlle Lavillaureix
1er OPV: Nicolas Diaz
2ème OPV: Arnaud Henery
Régisseur: Arthur Baschung
Compositeur: Gabriel Guerin
Production exécutive Espagne: SMILE


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