Rec Room Is Betting On 'Structured Social VR'

Rec Room Is Betting On 'Structured Social VR'
January 17, 2017


The conquest for social VR dominance is a highly contested race among a mixture of tech giants and startup indie companies. Many of the first platforms to hit the scene, such as vTime and AltspaceVR have made names for themselves in their wide accessibility across devices and flexibility of uses for the VR community, while others take a more centralized focus on providing fun and engaging activities for players to enjoy. Rec Room falls into that second category.

You can play Rec Room on both the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift with Touch for free right now and if Nick Fajt, CEO and Co-Founder of Against Gravity, the developers behind Rec Room, has any thing to say about it, the free-to-play status will likely remain forever. It’s a key part of their community building strategy.

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