Quest Shifts $5M Worth Of Games In 2 Weeks

Quest Shifts $5M Worth Of Games In 2 Weeks
June 14, 2019

We sift through the week's biggest news in the space.


If you like virtual reality and augmented reality, you're in the right place - this is Field of view, where we catch you up on all the latest happenings in both spaces.


It's been a bit of a bumper week for VR, as the gaming world descends on Los Angeles for E3, though there's also plenty more you may have missed in all the excitement.


Read on below for this week's instalment, as we guide you through all the latest news, and even give you a gaming recommendation for when you next put on your VR headset.


VR and AR news

Oculus Quest drives $5 million worth of gaming sales

We've been spending plenty of time with the Oculus Quest over the past few weeks - even after our positive review went live. And it seems we aren't the only ones sticking with the headset, with Facebook's VP of AR/VR Andrew Bosworth this week detailing the content sales for the device.


Speaking at Vox Media's Code conference, Bosworth noted that the first two weeks of sales for the Quest generated $5 million of sales, according to TechCrunch. We don't have specifics regarding actual sales numbers of devices, something that's been consistent with VR products from the company since it was taken over by Facebook, though this does give a good indication that it's been selling pretty well.


At launch, the e-store offered around 50 titles, ranging from free experiences to full games costing around $30. If this trend continues... ay for Oculus.

BMW technicians to use AR smartglasses

Automaker BMW has announced a new pair of smartglasses designed to help dealership technicians diagnose and repair issues. The TSARAVision glasses, named after the company's online case reporting system, TSARA, will essentially be used to speed up the process - eliminating the need for manuals or phone calls - by putting step-by-step instructions or technical drawings right into the wearer's field of view.


The glasses can take screenshots, zooming in on photos, and, if a problem is proving hard to solve, they can even use a built-in camera to bring in other engineers and give them a live view of proceedings. It'll be arriving at dealerships this month.


Lone Echo II delayed until 2020

After first being announced back in 2018, Lone Echo II has been delayed until Q1 2020, makers Ready at Dawn confirmed to Road to VR.


The delay will come as a dagger to the hearts of fans of the original title, Lone Echo, which remains one of the most popular VR games ever, with the sequel set to directly picking up from it.


The game was set to arrive as an Oculus exclusive some time this year, though Ready at Dawn CEO Ru Weerasuriya explaining the decision to pump the brakes: "We confirmed that Ready At Dawn is bringing Echo Arena to Quest. In consideration of that project, we decided to push Lone Echo II out to 2020 so that we can give all our attention to that title once [Echo Arena on Quest] is out. We’re taking the time we need to do these titles justice."


Star Wars: Vader Immortal coming to Rift and Rift S owners

We were treated to Star Wars: Vader Immortal - Episode 1 on the Oculus Quest last month upon launch, and now ILMxLab, the company behind the experience, has revealed at E3 that it's preparing to bring it to Rift owners.


Starting from 20 June, those with the original Rift or the new Rift S will be available to purchase the episode, which is $10. There's also good news for those who already bought and downloaded it on their Quest headset, with the experience supported by cross-buy, meaning it'll be available for free.


Play this: Super Smash Bros. in VR

After VR support came to Super Mario Odyssey and Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild when the Nintendo Labo Toy-Con 04 VR Kit dropped a couple of months ago, we now have support for Super Smash Bros: Ultimate.


Don't get too excited - like with the other titles, it's only compatible with limited, timed offline battles, with the trailer above showing off a similar camera angle to the regular game, and this naturally able to be pivoted when wearing the headset.


Support may be limited, then, but it's not so bad; there's dozens of stages that'll work with the goggles, meaning you can get a good ol' look around, and even spot things you're weren't able to access previously. We're just hoping we don't feel too sick after swivelling our head around trying to avoid foes.

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