PSVR: 'We Knew Demand Would Exceed Supply'

PSVR: 'We Knew Demand Would Exceed Supply'
February 2, 2017

Many have pondered whether Sony's slightly subdued approach to PlayStation VR has been due to a lack of commitment from the company, but PlayStation UK boss Warren Light has stressed that's absolutely not the case. Speaking with Games, the executive has confirmed what we expected all along: that the organisation's "measured" approach has always been due to supply issues.


"We kind of knew that demand would outstrip supply, so we had to be careful ourselves not to over-hype the product," he said. "That was quite tricky to do, because at the same time we also had a responsibility to let the mass market know that there was a viable and affordable VR new entrant. So we had to be clever in the ways that we did that."


Light added that the company decided to go underground with the product's marketing in the UK, as opposed to going crazy with a big television campaign. He continued: "One of the more clever things that I think we did was the installation of a giant PlayStation VR headset at Kings Cross Station. That gained a lot of media attention."

The good news is that Light expects things to change as the supply issue is slowly resolved: "As we address the supply issue, we will be able to go out with a lot more mainstream messaging on virtual reality." The suit is also fully aware that a steady stream of content will be key to the product's future success, and he has faith that the likes of Gran Turismo Sport will help fulfil consumers' craving for content.


One thing that's clear is that Sony is still very committed to PlayStation VR; the PS4 actually failed to grow year-over-year for the first time in 2016 in the UK, and Light believes that – alongside the recently released PS4 Pro – virtual reality will be a key driver in maintaining the momentum of the console moving forwards. All hands on deck, then.

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