Poliakov Vodka Takes Customers On A VR Ice Quest

Poliakov Vodka Takes Customers On A VR Ice Quest
December 6, 2016

Vodka brand Poliakov, owned by La Martiniquaise, has unveiled an immersive virtual reality experience which lets customers discover the brand’s frozen world.


Poliakov developed the Poliakov Ice Quest through a HTC Vive headset, claimed to be the best virtual reality device on the market. The technology uses headphones, a headset and joysticks to stimulate the senses.

A few lucky Poliakov fans had the opportunity to experience the Ice Quest with the complete HTC Vive headset. Players were filmed as they wandered freely in a 25sq m area to master the quest throughout the different levels.

A 3D 360° video of the frozen Poliakov universe was released online last month. For the full 3D effect, the video should be viewed on a Poliakov cardboard viewer.


Throughout November, customers had the opportunity to discover the Ice Quest through a saga of three videos which mixed the players who had been filmed and the Poliakov virtual universe. The saga was widely promoted on YouTube and Facebook for all to follow the adventures of the players.

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