'Point In Time' Studios Add VR To Service Offerings

'Point In Time' Studios Add VR To Service Offerings
December 13, 2016

Tempe digital film agency Point in Time Studios is banking on the popularity of virtual reality by offering it to commercial and residential real estate clients.


Through animation, 3D video and a VR headset, prospective home buyers can “walk” through a home, open doors and even see what the tile, paint or countertops would look like in their new home.

Image above: A Point in Time Studio artist uses animation, 3D video and virtual reality to show prospective renters or home buyers what their home looks like.


Owner/producer Rami Kalla said his agency started working with VR a couple months ago after getting the idea from his own home building experience in Gilbert.


“I thought why is this not in VR?” said Kalla, an Arizona State University graduate who started his agency 15 years ago. “I wanted to be in my new home, opening up the cabinets and seeing what it would look like.”


He called Tempe-based Fulton Homes and other homebuilders to offer the service. The agency was already doing lifestyle videos to show the area and the building for student housing, residential homes and commercial real estate.


“Many people don’t get it until they see it,” he said. “You have to experience it. Education will be a big part of this.”


The agency’s first VR project is for Asset Campus Housing in Houston to show the student housing project. Kalla is also meeting with several other homebuilders and developers for future VR work.

Rami Kalla is the owner/producer of Point in Time Studios in Tempe.


“Anything is possible with VR,” said Kalla. “You can put yourself in any environment. The computing technology has finally caught up.”


VR was another service that could augment the selling process. Five Point in Time artists use the HTC Vive, considered the highest-end VR system, to animate and create VR interactive experiences for the inside of the home or apartment.


“I think real estate is just the beginning for VR,” Kalla said. “Next I see VR being big in education to put kids in the environment they’re learning about. They can actually talk to Einstein and listen to the Gettysburg Address.”


The artists also incorporate live action and 3D video to make the whole 3D VR process realistic.


“There are a lot of steps and a lot of work,” he said. “To make it look realistic takes time. There’s nothing like it.”


The 15-employee agency in downtown Tempe works throughout the country making corporate videos, TV commercials and online marketing videos for companies such as Ford Motor Co., Taser International Inc. and McDonald’s Corp.


Point in Time also has an office in Los Angeles and is planning to open another office soon in Austin.

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