PlayStation VR Passes 915,000 Units Sold

PlayStation VR Passes 915,000 Units Sold
February 26, 2017

Sony's target is 1 million by April, so the headset is off to a good start.


Sony has sold around 915,000 PlayStation VR headsets as of February 19, according to Sony executive Andrew House. He shared the figure in an interview with the New York Times published today.


According to the report, Sony is internally projecting 1 million sales in its first six month, meaning by around mid-April (PS VR went on sale on October 13, 2016). Given the sales already, it seems that milestone will surely be reached ahead of schedule.


"You literally have people lining up outside stores when they know stock is being replenished," House said about the situation in Japan.


PlayStation VR is priced at $400-$500 and requires a PlayStation 4. Sony has sold around 53 million PlayStation 4 consoles, as of the start of January. If PlayStation VR is bought by users in the high single-digit percentage of all PS4 owners, House said he would be "very happy."


Before PlayStation VR launched, Sony management said it was expecting to sell hundreds of thousands of units at launch.

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