Patrons Can Play VR Games At A New Atlanta Bar

Patrons Can Play VR Games At A New Atlanta Bar
April 14, 2018

Testing the idea of combining a social experience with immersive entertainment, a full bar equipped with VR technology has opened in Atlanta


As of late, VR technology has inched its way into mainstream culture. We are seeing it in everything from education to blockbuster movies, expanding the scope of entertainment and advertising. Now it is also appearing in food and nightlife at a new Atlanta bar called Revery.


One can go to Revery to drink while also playing games using VR technology. Patrons are able to rent rooms with a VR game of their choice, where they get private bar service. Once a virtual reality scene is chosen, the game is put on an LED screens for those in the private party not playing to enjoy, giving the experience a more communal feel to it. There’s also a regular bar in the back, separate from the game cubicles, for those who just want to socialize or talk about their gaming experience after the fact.


The owners of the bar, Vincent Wynn and Michael Randolph, came up with the concept to see how well they could blend the world of VR with social interaction. “The social aspect of people letting loose and kind of forgetting other people are watching them, I kind of think this is one of the most fun parts about having VR in a group area,” Randolph told Fast Company.


They say they have observed a healthy dose of laughing and participation among patrons even when they are simply watching a person play. Since a VR bar is a relatively new concept, Revery does all it can to make sure the technology mixes well with the social environment. Along with being servers, the staff also acts as technical support in case the game freezes or malfunctions. Beginners can start with simple shooter games and ease into the more interactive games to avoid dizziness that can come with using VR, especially with the added element of alcohol.


Even though VR is a new addition, the arcade bar is a concept that has been very popular over the years. Places such as Barcade in New York and Emporium in Chicago have incorporated gaming and drinking successfully. Revery is expanding on that idea, joining others in the industry in merging booze and immersive entertainment.

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