Oculus Shows Off The 50+ Launch Titles Of Touch

Oculus Shows Off The 50+ Launch Titles Of Touch
December 1, 2016

Oculus is gearing up for a major hardware launch next week with its $199 Touch motion controllers. That’s nice and all but as we’ve learned, VR hardware is really only as good as the software that exists to shows off its strengths.


Oculus seems to be getting this and it’s ensuring that a swath of titles exist that make good use of the new input type. Today, Oculus announced the lineup of 53 titles that will be available on December 6 alongside Touch.

The launch of Touch is a lot more than just Oculus selling a new controller, in a lot of ways its a relaunch of the entire system. The motion-tracked peripherials bring a whole new dimension to gameplay that puts it on par with headsets like the HTC Vive and Sony PS VR which have their own wireless motion controllers. The Rift began shipping in March with an Xbox One controller after production issues forced the company to delay shipment of the Touch controllers.


You can take a look at the full list of titles launching in the Oculus Store on December 6 below.

Oculus seems to be launching with a healthy balance of titles available across platfroms alongside some pretty hyped exclusives. As expected the vast majority of titles are games with just a couple entertainment apps mixed in. All Touch controller pre-orders will be shipping with The Unspoken and VR Sports Challenge as free bundled titles.

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