Oculus Quest And Rift S Sold Out On US Amazon

Oculus Quest And Rift S Sold Out On US Amazon
December 3, 2019

In the wake of the Black Friday and Cyber Monday weekend, both of Facebook’s room scale virtual reality headsets are out of stock on the US Amazon.


Both models of the Oculus Quest are entirely out of stock, no longer even showing the regular price. Third party resellers are available, but these are unofficial and start at over $600.


PC-based Oculus Rift S can still be ordered, but won’t be in stock until December 22. If stock continues to sell out, this could be one of the last chances to get it before Christmas from Amazon.


The Rift S had been on sale for $349 from Thanksgiving Thursday until Cyber Monday yesterday. That’s a reduction of $50 from the regular price of $399.


This sale came just one week after the announcement of Half-Life: Alyx, Valve’s flagship VR game which officially supports the Rift S. The stock situation could be a result of PC gamers deciding this game and this price make this the right time to jump in. In fact, Valve’s own $999 Index PC VR system is also backordered, until beyond Christmas.


The Oculus Quest all-in-one headset wasn’t on sale, however Facebook is now bundling all three episodes of Vader Immortal, worth $30 together. The Star Wars franchise is immensely popular, with the first episode being the second most rated paid app on the Quest store, only losing out to Beat Saber.


It’s now just two weeks after the release of Oculus Link beta, a feature which lets the Quest act as a PC VR headset via USB 3.0 cable. So the hype around Half-Life: Alyx could also have contributed to Quest’s sell out too. However, Facebook has said on multiple occasions that it is selling Quest “as fast as we can make them. So even the Vader Immortal bundle may have been all it took to deplete available stock.


How To Still Buy Them

You can still purchase the Rift S from Facebook directly, at Oculus.com. The headset is still listed as “Usually dispatches in 2 working days” here.


However, the Oculus Quest is listed as “Dispatched by December 19” from Facebook. If you want it sooner, you’ll need to use another retailer. Best Buy and Walmart are out of stock of the $399 64GB model, but if you’re interested in the $499 you can still purchase those.


Luckily, B&H seems to still have stock of the 64GB version, as does Microcenter. So if you want a Quest as soon as possible, place your order with those retailers now.

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