Oculus Headsets Now Work On Cheaper PCs

Oculus Headsets Now Work On Cheaper PCs
November 11, 2016

Facebook-owned Oculus just made its virtual reality headset accessible on cheaper computers, the company announced in a blog post this week.


Using a technology called "asynchronous spacewarp" (ASW) the VR company has lowered the minimum computer specs needed to power its VR headset — the Oculus Rift.


ASW works by almost halving the time needed to run VR content smoothly at the high, ideal 90 frames-per-second.


Previously, the minimum specs the Rift demanded when it was first released earlier this year were pretty high — even for gamers that might already have powerful gaming PCs — which raised the cost of entry significantly.


It could have cost $1,600 (£1,260) for the Oculus Rift headset and Oculus-ready PC combo. This solution lets you use the Oculus Rift VR headset with a PC that costs half the price, or $500 (£395).

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