Oculus And PSVR Lead The VR Sales Resurgence

Oculus And PSVR Lead The VR Sales Resurgence
December 6, 2018

VR sales are on the up

That's according to the latest report from analyst firm IDC that suggests global shipments hit 1.9 million in Q3 2018 after reporting a decline in previous quarters. Standalone headset sales grew 428.6%, accounting for 20.6% of the headset market. That's largely down to the launch of the Oculus Go and Xiaomi Mi VR headsets. Sony shifted 463,000 PS VR headsets, meanwhile, with Oculus Rift sales hitting 300,000 and HTC's Vive selling 230,000.


As far as AR is concerned, Lenovo shipped 23,000 headsets, with its Star Wars Jedi Challenges headset featuring prominently in those sales. But it's good to hear that VR sales are picking up. Those sales no doubt grew off the back of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, too, which will be factored into the next quarter.

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