The NPD Group Starts Providing VR Sales Data

The NPD Group Starts Providing VR Sales Data
December 5, 2016

Global information company The NPD Group, is expanding its Retail Tracking Service to provide a view of virtual and augmented reality headset sales back to 12 months.


The NPD Group collects sales data from 1200 retailers representing approximately 165,000 stores worldwide. The collected sales data is seen as an important factor to understand the growing trends in a specific market.


“In such a young category it can be extremely challenging for manufacturers and retailers to gather the information needed to make the most informed business decisions,” said Ian Hamilton, President, Technology Sector, The NPD Group.


“However, we can now deliver the information they are looking for to better understand the size and traits of the U.S. VR/AR market, allowing them the opportunity to make strategic choices to grow their business.”


According to NPD Group, sales of VR and AR devices have been on the rise since July, and have increased 300 percent in the six months ending October 2016 versus the sales between November 2015 and April 2016.


NPD Group experts are predicting the 2016 holiday sales will surpass the past year’s figures.


“Given the growing interest in VR/AR technology and the wide range of products available to meet consumer needs, we anticipate 2016 holiday sales have the potential to double 2015 holiday sales,” said Ben Arnold, executive director, industry analyst for The NPD Group.


“Whether intended for use with a mobile phone, gaming console or PC, there are a wide range of VR/AR devices available at a number of price points, and the data we are able to provide will help clients better understand what products are most appealing to consumers.”

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