Nike Patents AR System To Motivate Exercisers

Nike Patents AR System To Motivate Exercisers
December 3, 2016

Sportswear giant Nike, filed a number of patent applications including an augmented reality system that displays a users performance.


According to the patent, the system monitors a user performing during workout and then generate a virtual representation to compare with future exercise sessions.


Nike says, the aim of the system is to motivate and improve the performance of the users during their next workout.

“The disclosure relates to enhancing exercise through augmented reality” states the application. “In particular, the disclosure describes monitoring a user’s performance and generating a virtual representation of that user’s performance to be displayed during a future exercise routine to motivate the user to improve performance during their next workout.”


By 2016, Nike had more U.S. patents than some giant corporations such as Lockheed Martin, Ford Motor and Pfizer, according to a report This year the company has been awarded with 639 patents so far.


Patent applications are not a guarantee of future product features but rather provide us some insight into what the company is thinking on terms of future innovations in sports.

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