Merge VR Starts $1M Mobile VR Dev Fund

Merge VR Starts $1M Mobile VR Dev Fund
June 8, 2017

Mobile VR manufacturer Merge VR has created a $1 million Merge Developer Fund to attract developers over to developing for its platform.


The fund will help studios develop games and other VR projects for the Merge Goggles, Merge Cube and other platforms. The Cube is a recently revealed AR technology which will allow users to hold holograms in their hand.


Merge Cube development kits are already available for free from the manufacturer. 400 such kits have so far been shipped out to studios with plans for museums, schools, Hollywood studios and more.


Coming together


"We created the Merge Developer Fund to broaden our support of the dev community," says Jeremy Kenisky, Merge VP of Creative.


"The Merge Cube introduces an entirely new experience to the world, and the developer fund provides an awesome opportunity for devs to get creative and be ambitious."


There are still large sums of money being offered to VR developers as the technology continues to develop. Mobile developer Playsnak recently raised $1.2 million in funding from Gumi Inc to work on its first VR title, for example.

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