MelodyVR, Oculus Ink Deal For New VR Device

MelodyVR, Oculus Ink Deal For New VR Device
January 25, 2019

Virtual-reality music startup MelodyVR launched its app last year, timing it around the launch of Facebook’s Oculus Go VR headset. Now the companies are taking their partnership to a new level.


MelodyVR “will release a new version of the MelodyVR music platform, featuring updated features and functionality, for use on a forthcoming Oculus device” according to its announcement this morning. What’s more, MelodyVR will “receive a financial contribution to offset MelodyVR’s production and development costs” from Facebook as part of the agreement.


“The new version of the MelodyVR platform will contain both new and existing content, and will offer a similar look and feel to the version currently available on Oculus Go and Samsung Gear VR, with enhanced functionality.


Following the launch, the product may also be made available on other platforms,” added the company. While MelodyVR’s release doesn’t specify what the new Oculus device is, it could be the Oculus Quest, announced last autumn and due to go on sale this spring.

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