MelodyVR Launches In 8 New European Markets

MelodyVR Launches In 8 New European Markets
June 27, 2018
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MelodyVR, which offers concert and festival footage that can be viewed in 360-degrees and from multiple angles around the venue, has launched in Germany, France, Sweden, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Greece, Austria and Belgium, adding to its U.K. and U.S. presence.


MelodyVR says it's "the only licensed VR music platform," with deals in place with major and independent labels and publishers in order to record live concerts from multiple angles and on 360-degree cameras.


The company just added U.K. artists Tokio Myers, UB40 featuring Ali, Astro and Mickey, Kasabian, Kaiser Chiefs Tom Walker to its roster, which already includes concerts by Bebe Rexha at The Novo, Los Angeles, CA, Fall Out Boy at the Talking Stick Resort Arena in Phoenix, AZ, The Chainsmokers at Alexandra Palace in London, England, and Wiz Khalifa at Life Is Beautiful Festival in Las Vegas, NV.


"When you’re out on stage, it can feel like the entire show has flashed by in an instant. So it’s amazing to re-live those moments in MelodyVR. I’m suddenly seeing the performance from a whole new perspective, standing in the audience’s shoes and they can see it from mine," Tokio Myers commented.


A statement from UB40 reads: "We've watched videos of us performing before of course, but this is something else. MelodyVR actually puts you on the stage - you’re not watching it on TV, or on social media - you’re really there and in the moment."


While the shows available on MelodyVR are currently pre-recorded, the company plans to sell virtual tickets to concert live streams over the coming months.


Today's announcement coincides with the U.K. launch of Facebook's Oculus Go headset – the first offline retail launch in Europe – which is expected to take VR uptake to the next level.


Current market forecasts suggest over 350 million users by 2021, and last year saw $3 billion invested in virtual and alternative reality. Affordable VR headsets available in retail stores across Europe will be instrumental in making VR a mass product.

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