Manchester United Now On Facebook AR Platform

Manchester United Now On Facebook AR Platform
April 21, 2017

Manchester United is one of the first brands to partner with the newly launched Facebook developer platform for augmented reality, Camera Effects.


"We are making the camera the first augmented reality platform," were the opening words of Mark Zuckerberg as he announced about the new reality image filters and interactive experiences to its new Camera Effects platform.


Facebook will depend on an inventory of external developers to contribute towards this new platform. After Facebook F8 conference, the first effects will become available inside Facebook’s Camera feature on smartphones, however, the Camera Effects platform is designed to eventually be compatible with future augmented reality hardware, such as eyeglasses.


Manchester United are the launch partners, creating an experience by pulling in soccer match data and “GOOAALL!” image overlays with crowd noises.


Game developer EA has also built a Mass Effect-themed helmet mask that pulls in stats from your progress in the game. Nike will overlay a sweatband on your head and pull in your recent running route as an overlaid map.


The three categories of the augmented reality content are; overlaying information, adding virtual objects and enhancing real objects. The Camera Effects Platform includes two products: Frames Studio and AR Studio​. Anyone can use the Frame Studio to upload static camera effects and Facebook Live’s new augmented reality effects can be built with the Camera Effects Platform’s AR Studio tool.


Zuckerberg said, " Even though we were a little slow to add cameras to all our apps, I’m confident that now we’re going to push this augmented reality camera forward."

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