A Look At The Leading Solutions For Broadcast AR

A Look At The Leading Solutions For Broadcast AR
August 7, 2017

Augmented reality is one of the broadcast industry’s hottest trends — and there are a wide range of solutions that meet a variety of needs, equipment configurations and on air looks and features.


Here, we take a look at some of the broadcast industry’s leading solutions for augmented reality.


Avid RealSet

Avid’s RealSet solution features a variety of capabilities for creating captivating 3D virtual objects that look like part of the actual environment:

  • Can be used both indoors and outdoors.
  • Can be used for wide variety of productions, including news, game shows, financial programs, election coverage, sports events and other productions.
  • 3D objects remain tied to their exact position — regardless of camera motion.
  • Ideal solution for product placement.
  • No chroma keying is required; inserted graphics are introduced as a foreground layer.


“Avid offers an all-in-one studio solution that makes it easy to create unique virtual studio environments, showcase graphics and video, and generate 3D virtual objects to make the broadcasts stand apart from the competition. With a full set of augmented reality tools it’s easier than ever to change the look and feel of your studio environment and create compelling virtual set pieces to elevate production value, better engage viewers, and enhance your storytelling,” said Avid’s Haim Halperin.


“Avid’s augmented reality can also be used with Avid’s other tracking solutions, including Pattern Recognition system and opto-mechanical sensors, as well as third-party tracking systems. Its endless creative possibilities provide an effective way to capture your audience’s attention, present content in compelling new ways, and add visual impact to election coverage, sports and entertainment shows, news programs, and other live broadcast productions. It provides a feature-rich yet cost-effective virtual studio and augmented reality solution for any production need and budget,” Halperin added.


“Avid provides a full solution for virtual studios, camera tracking, augmented reality and video wall control enabling the broadcaster to work within a single unified workflow, efficiently and holistically,” said Halperin.


Vizrt Viz Virtual Studio with Viz Engine

Viz Virtual Studio gives producers the ability to tell stories easily without worrying about the limitations of physical studio facilities. 

  • Create complex, interactive 3D virtual sets and immersive graphics using an intuitive interface
  • Allows a single operator to handle complex productions that would normally require a team of operators
  • Frees up staff concentrate on other tasks, improving overall efficiency.


“Our AR solution utilizes Viz Engine for rendering. We add on the Viz Virtual Studio software on top of that to manage the tracking data coming in for any tracking system. Viz Engine is the same tool that our customers are using today to render all their graphics and playout video. This means that the same engine that is being used for a video wall for one show, can be used to display AR graphics for the next, giving the broadcaster a lot of flexibility and saving them money,” said Gerhard Lang of Vizrt. 


“Our solution with Viz Virtual Studio and Viz Engine can be used with any tracking system so the customer is free to decide which works best for their budget. Many different options are available so considerations need to be made for how they want to use the system. Will it be in the studio? Outdoors? Do they want the AR graphics to be interactive? For all these questions there are tracking systems that will work well and are easy to set up and maintain. Vizrt’s professional services team will make sure that the broadcaster knows their options so they can make an informed choice and then will ensure the system is set up and the broadcaster knows how to maintain the system on a daily basis,” said Lang.


Brainstorm Multimedia eStudio and InfinitySet

Brainstorm Multimedia’s augmented reality solutions offer a range of tools within its eStudio and InfinitySet products.

eStudio offers:

  • Flexible toolset that provides solutions for all kinds of 2D and 3D real-time graphics
  • Serves as the render engine on which all other Brainstorm products run.
  • Advanced modeling toolset with geometries and primitives, imported models, hierarchy of objects, material and textures, built-in text effects and particle systems and more.



  • Supports everything from simple and complex virtual sets.
  • Compatible with fixed and tracked cameras, external feeds with embedded tracking data and data driven graphics.
  • Advanced compositing features, create fully realistic real-time 3D scenes.
  • Allows for combined Chroma Keying, even within the same production.


“AR is fully implemented in all the Virtual Set range of Brainstorm, headed by eStudio and InfinitySet, but is also available using our template-based solutions like SmartSet. infintiySet and eStudio are also able to provide the data-driven graphics required for the program. The requirements can be as simple as a single workstation with single or multiple cameras, tracked or fixed, a chroma set, etc., and the systems are modular enough to match any requirements, so the installation can be as complex as required,” said Brainstorm’s Miguel Churruca.


Ross Video XPression

XPression is Ross Video’s line of real-time motion graphics systems, clip servers, workflow tools and software applications that powers its augmented reality offerings that let stations:

  • Utilize “blended” environments that eliminate the need for video walls and on-set monitors.
  • Gain new income sources through sponsorship of specific virtual elements.
  • Implement augmented reality solutions that work with a variety of robotic cameras, production switchers, motion graphics and automated production control systems.


“Our AR solution is comprised of multiple parts, and can be customized to meet a customer’s needs and requirements. We offer an end-to-end solution that includes robotic cameras, graphic engines, a control interface, and delay cards or any combination of parts. Accordingly, prices will vary based on the tailored solution. For example, we can work with most tracking systems in the industry, so if a customer does not wish to use our robotic camera system, our offering will adapt,” said Ross Video’s Gideon Ferber.

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