LBE Makes Sense With The VOID's Star Wars In VR

LBE Makes Sense With The VOID's Star Wars In VR
April 5, 2018

I am a strong believer that virtual reality’s success will come from location-based multiplayer experiences. VR arcades are popping up in cities around the world, though many of these offer ‘standard’ virtual reality games intended for single-player play, or connected online multiplayer that doesn’t require players to be in the same room.


The Void, however, offers bespoke VR experiences for up to four players at a time, to explore a shared world using impressive technology developed by OptiTrack. Recently, The Void has established temporary pop-up ‘rides’ in Westfield shopping centres in London, giving many their first taste of the future of location-based entertainment.


The company offers games based on huge popular franchises, with its more permanent fixtures in Dubai, New York and Toronto offering Ghostbusters Dimension, while Londoners can enjoy Star Wars: Secrets of the Empire, set during the events of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. I stepped into the shiny white boots of a Stormtrooper to see whether VR games of this ilk really have legs.


In short, if this is just the inception of the technology, we have an exciting, immersive future to look forward to. The only downside was the length of the game.


It lasts around 15 to 20 minutes which, for a £35 investment, might give some people pause. Having said that, The Void’s setup means this is a completely unique experience that is better compared to a theme park ride than a 20-hour boxed title. Read more from…

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