Korea To Unveil VR Shopping Malls

Korea To Unveil VR Shopping Malls
March 27, 2017

The nation's first VR shopping malls will be unveiled at the Korea Sales Festa set for October of this year.


According to the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy on Sunday, Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality shopping malls where customers can browse items displayed much like in real lifewill open, to keep up with the likes of E-Bay and Alibaba.


Although Seoul's online shopping system is top notch, in terms of VR shopping, just like all other big names in the industry, Korea is still in the trial stages.


The ministry is confident kick-starting the service will help the nation stay ahead in the 4th industrial revolution race.


Entrepreneurs hoping to be a part of the movement should log on to www-DOT-g2b-DOT-go-DOT-kr before April 10th.

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