JetBlue, The Verge Add VR To Your CES Flight

JetBlue, The Verge Add VR To Your CES Flight
January 3, 2017

Imagine this: a plane full of people staring into hot pink Google Cardboard sets, virtual worlds apart from one another. It was too good a mental image not to try and create, so we’ve partnered with JetBlue to make it a reality on select flights heading to CES, the world's biggest tech show.


This Wednesday and Thursday, if you’re flying to Vegas from either New York City’s JFK or San Francisco’s SFO airports, look for us at the JetBlue gate handing out special Verge-branded Google Cardboard headsets (yes, they’re hot pink, the best color ever, don’t question it). We’ve curated a YouTube playlist of our favorite 360 videos, which you can find at our YouTube page.

Even if you don’t make it on those select flights, JetBlue says its in-flight Wi-Fi service will handle 360 video streaming and, well, we’re eager to push that to the limit. And be sure to keep an eye out for Nilay’s lovely face onall JetBlue flights from now until January 15th. Please let him know on Twitter every single time you see it.

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