Investment: Intel's VR Growth Is A Reality

Investment: Intel's VR Growth Is A Reality
January 17, 2017

Intel Corp. (INTC) has serious intentions to expand its reach into the virtual reality (VR) space.


Appearing last week at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Kim Pallister, who serves as director of Intel's Virtual Reality Center of Excellence, spoke of VR’s current brutish state and the long-term opportunity the Santa Clara, California-based computer chip producer has to claim market share.


“Today's VR is done by very brute force methods, because we don't have the technology,” Pallister said.


With recent improvements, that reality is certainly not virtual. In a series of demos at CES, Intel displayed its VR advancements and announced its Project Allow headsets will begin to be marketed by end of this year, TheStreet reported.


Pallister said Intel and other industry specialists are currently producing VR products with a resolution of 16K per eye to achieve high-quality images. However, Pallister indicated improving compression technology could advance to the point where lower resolutions could be possible over the next few years. Headset venders are also working to improve image quality and resolution. Resolution with 16K indicates it’s the horizontal order of 16,000 pixels, which create the total image, according to the company.


While gaming remains the go-to market for VR growth, Intel is targeting sports content and expanded the division by acquiring Voke, a sports VR startup in November.


With an increasing demand for VR apps, a parallel market for additional bandwidth is being created. Intel’s new Optane solid-state drives, which runs on 3D Xpoint next-generation memory chips it developed with Micron, could be in position to fill that void, Pallister said.


With a market cap of $174.35 billion, Intel’s technology stocks closed Friday’s trading session at $36.79, an increase of .22 percent. Its 52-week high is $38.36. Loop Capital rated Intel’s stocks as a Buy in December.

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