Instagram Moves Closer To Snapchat WIth AR Selfies

Instagram Moves Closer To Snapchat WIth AR Selfies
May 17, 2017

Instagram has rolled out a line of selfie filters, the latest feature inspired by fierce rival Snapchat.


Having already adopted the competitor platform’s Stories, slideshows, overlays and DM functions, the Facebook-owned company is turning up the heat with the release of selfie filters.


It comes during a curious time when Snapchat has released new Sponsored World Lenses looking to augment the world through the mobile’s rear camera as rivals fixate on lifting the selfie innovations.


Instagram has called its new feature 'Face Filters' which enables users to “turn an ordinary selfie into something fun and entertaining”. It reportedly includes Koala ear to spiraling formulae augmentations.


There are eight filters upon launch to play with although this is likely to supplemented with occasion (and likely even branded) updates to the playbook.


It was rolled out to users on iOS and Android platforms.

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