ING Harnesses VR To Promote Unicef Partnership

ING Harnesses VR To Promote Unicef Partnership
November 23, 2016

ING is asking people to don their virtual reality goggles to gain an immersive perspective of the life of a Nepalese teenage beneficiary of the bank's Power for Youth partnership with Unicef.


The programme aim to reach more than 335,000 young people by 2018 in Montenegro, Kosovo, Zambia, Nepal, Indonesia and the Philippines and help them develop social and financial skills that can improve their future.


The immersive video tracks 19-year old Bibek, a graduate of the shceme, who used the financial skills gained to expand the tea shop in the family's living room. Using virtual reality glasses or by watching the video on a smartphone YouTube app, viewers can enter Bibek’s home and tea shop and meet both him and other villagers.


"It brings the ING and Unicef partnership to life," says the bank in a statement.

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