I'm Not Paying Your Agency To Learn VR

I'm Not Paying Your Agency To Learn VR
January 9, 2017

As I begin to explore the viability of Virtual & Augmented Reality for the Enterprise at 3M, I am seeing an all too familiar trend. Mobile and Web agencies claiming to have a capability to develop for AR/VR.


The same thing happened when print agencies claimed knew how to develop for the web and when web agencies said they could build apps.


I wasn't convinced then and I am not convinced now.


With over 15 years experience in the Animation and Games industries, I know the specialised knowledge required to deliver 3D productions. Add to that the technical requirements and expertise in UI/UX that AR/VR needs. Trusting this to your advertising agency that has employed one Unity Dev to build some "experiments" is insanity.

Most likely these agencies will farm out the majority of the work the 3rd parties (and add a hefty fee on top).


My advice would be to deal with specialist agencies solely dedicated to Augmented and Virtual Reality development, preferably with a solid animation background.

Review what content they have actually developed for clients (not the "In-House" projects) and speak to the clients themselves to see what the experience was like.


The viability of these new mediums in enterprise will be judged by the effectiveness to drive true business outcomes (be it through revenue, efficiency gains or training improvements). Don't risk the opportunity by working with amateurs.


This article was originally published on LinkedIn by Joe Millward. Joe Millward is a Senior Digital Strategist at 3M and has over 15 years experience in the animation and gaming industry. He now is part of a team exploring Augmented & Virtual Reality technologies for 3M.

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