IKEA Uses VR Tech To Lure More Shoppers

IKEA Uses VR Tech To Lure More Shoppers
April 5, 2017

IKEA is taking window shopping to a whole new level. 


The Swedish furniture chain has launched its first virtual reality experiment, enabling owners of the HTC (HTC) Vive to explore a virtual kitchen so that they can visualize its cabinet and counter offerings via the headset. 


Since virtual reality is picking up fast and may soon become an integrated part of people’s lives, it will play a major role in the future of retail. Looking at the long term, VR could let customers test out a product before purchasing it. 


Within the IKEA virtual reality experience, users are able to explore the house, change the color of cabinets and drawers to get a different view, explore three other kitchens and adjust your height and view the kitchen from their normal perspective. 


IKEA is hoping those who tried the VR experience would give plenty of feedback and improvements for this new shopping experience. 

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