HTC Vive Is Launching Mobile VR App Store

HTC Vive Is Launching Mobile VR App Store
October 17, 2016

HTC Vive is launching “Viveport M,” a beta version of the company’s virtual reality app store specifically designed for mobile VR content. HTC Vive has also announced a new management platform for VR arcade experiences called “Viveport Arcade.”
The announcements came this weekend at “HTC Vive and Alibaba cloud joint developer forum” in Hangzhou, China.
Answering the questions of Haptical, Alvin Wang Graylin, China Regional President of VR at HTC said “Viveport M will have the basic capacity to buy or manage content, same as the current Viveport app for PC’s. But the Beta M version will also offer the ability to purchase and manage Android mobile VR content, and 360 videos in 2D and VR mode.”
Viveport M will be initially launched as a closed beta in Chinese UI but the company is planning to expand it to other markets after the first tests.
“There is no official VR content store for Mobile VR and HTC Vive wants to make it easier for consumers to try VR on their phones and help them find quality Mobile VR content” Alvin Wang said.
Viveport M, will be supported by most Android phones. Registered Vive developers will be able to download the beta version through the Vive website. The consumer version is planned to be launched by the end of 2016.
Viveport Arcade aims to promote VR shops
In an attempt to support VR arcade shop owners, HTC has also announced Viveport Arcade, a management platform for virtual reality arcade experiences.
VR arcade shop owners will be able to easily manage their content through Viveport Arcade.
“Viveport Arcade is designed to help VR shop owners find and manage great VR content for offline use. While creating a way for content creators to generate revenues for their content offline.” Alvin Wang said. “It is a win-win.” he added.

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