HTC Vive Launches 'Pay Per VR Experience' In Hotels

HTC Vive Launches 'Pay Per VR Experience' In Hotels
October 29, 2016

Travel industry have been using virtual reality (VR) as a niche marketing and innovation tool lately. Now, a strategic partnership between HTC Vive and InterContinental Hotels Group is aiming to take this into a whole new level.
High-end VR headset brand HTC Vive and global luxury resort chain IHG is launching the world’s first in-room VR experience service for hotels.
The strategic partnership between the two parties will allow hotel guests to try virtual reality experiences in their own rooms using Vive VR headsets and Viveport VR app store.
HTC Vive will also set up special lodges called “Vive Zone” to offer VR gaming, entertainment and interactions inside the hotel facilities.
Speaking to Haptical, Alvin W. Graylin, China Regional President of HTC Vive told “In-room VR is the next pay-per view in hotels. People are used to watch pay-per-view in their hotel rooms. Soon they will have pay-per-VR experience.”
Virtual reality will enrich travel industry
Alvin Wang believes travel industry will be one of the earliest adopters of VR and VR can bring unique experiences for travelers.
“Virtual Reality is proven to be able to sell travel better than website or videos. Besides, when travelers are away from home, many of them don’t have things to do. VR can be a great distraction. The industry needs new differentiation factors and new services to increase satisfaction.”
Emily Chang, Chief Commercial Officer, IHG Greater China said in an official statement “The application of VR in collaboration with HTC reflects our pursuit of the most advanced amenities, in line with our promise to enrich the travel experience of all IHG guests. Launching the VR service will also lay a solid foundation for employing other technologies in the future.”
The goal is to put VR in all hotel rooms like a TV
Starting this year October 31, HTC Vive’s in-room VR and Vive Zone services will be enrolled at Hotel Indigo Shanghai On The Bund, Crowne Plaza Beijing Sun Palace and InterContinental Sanya Resort in China.
HTC’s Alvin Wang says these three locations are just the beginning of a whole new experience in the travel industry. The company is planning to expand the system to other locations and possibly considering an international expansion.
“This year there will be three hotels. Next year we are planning to install this system up to 100 hotels in China depending on the pilot hotel results. Our goal is to put this system in all rooms like a TV system. China is leading the world in VR adoption.”

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