HTC Vive To Launch In Thailand 2Q17

HTC Vive To Launch In Thailand 2Q17
March 29, 2017

HTC achieved strong results in China and the US with its HTC Vive virtual reality (VR) head-mounted display (HMD) device in the past two years, and in the second quarter, HTC is planning to launch the Vive in Thailand, according to HTC's VR New Technology department vice president, Raymond Pao.


HTC launched its VR businesses in Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore and Australia in 2016 and is looking to expand into countries in Southeast Asia such as Thailand, Pao noted.


Pao pointed out that Thailand's surging consumption of gaming-related applications, increasing population, and rising number of content developers are all factors that prompted HTC to enter the market.


In Japan, HTC has partnered with local game and anime content creators including Bandai, Gree and Capcom, to develop VR-related content.


HTC recently signed contracts with the city government of Busan, South Korea to establish VR experience centers in the city, and has partnered with local organizations to help nurture VR talent and startups.


Although Singapore only has a population of five million and its gaming industry is still in a rather early stage of development, local enterprises still have strong interest in VR applications. HTC has already partnered with local institutes such as Nanyang Technological University, to nurture talent.


Pao believes Taiwan is a suitable place to test out new innovations and products since Taiwan's gaming related consumption is among the top-5 worldwide, Taiwan consumers' high acceptance of new technology also gives the country a strong advantage in becoming an excellent test site.

HTC to launch Vive in Thailand in 2Q17
Photo: Max Wang, Digitimes, March 2017

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