HTC Investigating Audio Strap Foam Deterioration

HTC Investigating Audio Strap Foam Deterioration
June 14, 2017

HTC is investigating reports of problems with the foam lining of the new Deluxe Audio Strap that just started shipping for the $800 Vive headset.


The $100 accessory upgrades the way the gear mounts to your head and includes integrated ear pieces, so it works more like a Rift. The strap is already sold out in some places and HTC says “we are also working hard to keep the Deluxe Audio Stap in stock with new inventory arriving weekly.


However, we’ve seen reports starting to roll in on Reddit and Twitter indicating the black foam lining of the accessory is deteriorating and easily rubbing off.


We reached out to HTC about the issue and received the following statement:


We are aware of the report regarding the foam on the Deluxe Audio Headstrap.  We are investigating, and when we have more information will let you know.

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