How To Kickstart Your AR Business

How To Kickstart Your AR Business
July 12, 2018

Developing your own AR apps can be a fun way to turn a profit. The AR market has grown substantially in only a few short years. One AR app, Pokemon Go, made headlines when it generated over $1 billion in revenue. You don’t have to be a large company like Nintendo to make your mark with augmented reality though. All you need is some guidance, some research, and a bit of dedication to make it work.


If you’re ready to start your AR business, you’ve probably got some ideas for products already prepared. That’s great if you do, you can dive right into research. If you don’t have any ideas ready yet, don’t sweat it. Your first order of business will be to lay out what kind of AR apps you want to make.


Coming up with ideas can be a delicate process. Pushing yourself too hard to come up with an idea could make you feel burned out early on. Be gentle with the process and let your creativity guide you. Don’t think too deeply about the product, the platform or the tools just yet. You’ll start researching and refining your idea down the road.


First, just try to think of possible apps. Think of your intention as you do this. Why do I want to make AR apps? How will these AR apps be valuable to people? Let all your ideas come to you without judgement and with your intent in mind. AR is still an emerging technology, but there are some simple AR mobile apps that might give you some inspiration. You may want to explore related technologies like virtual reality, video games, and mixed reality as well.


After looking at some of the ideas you’ve written down for your AR apps, try to find a theme. What does your company keep coming back to? Is it AR board games? Is it home design? Maybe fashion design or makeup? You’re sure to find a common thread in your apps. This could possibly be what you build your company around. This may help you develop your image or brand. Or, if you find the theme uninspiring, maybe there’s an idea that jumps out to you. Sometimes the idea that doesn’t fit at all can be the most intriguing and rewarding prospect.


Once you’ve looked for inspiration and jotted down some ideas, and settled on a loose theme, you can move on to researching, setting up a budget, and planning. This is where you’ll make your dreams a reality. Your ideas will meet your budget and time constraints and be changed by them.


The cost of developing an AR app varies quite a bit. For a very simple application you may expect to spend $5,000 on development costs. This will at the very least take a few months to make as well. If you are a software engineer yourself, and have a team of app developers already assembled, free-to-use development tools can make this much cheaper, but you’re still going to need to invest hundreds of hours to make your app shippable.


You will have to decide how you will like to produce your apps, in-house, through freelance developers, or through a white-label service. These costs will vary and you should do your research with your budget in mind.


Once you’ve decided on your budget, your method, and refined your AR app ideas to fit those things, you’ll need to remember to invest in your marketing. Unless you’re an experienced marketer yourself, or have an in-house team, you’re going to want to hire these functions out. If you don’t have the budget for a large marketing campaigns -- no worries. You can hire freelancers to complete some of the elementary marketing tasks for you.


Starting your AR business should be fun. With the proper planning, you can run an efficient business creating AR apps without much issue. Let your ideas come naturally, refine those ideas with research, with practice, and with patience. It’s advisable to hire a marketing team to help you promote your product once you’re ready to release it. Keep these tips in mind as you begin your business, and with a little luck, you’ll have AR products you’re proud of.

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