Honda Uses Mobile AR For CR-V Launch

Honda Uses Mobile AR For CR-V Launch
June 13, 2017



Before buying a car, people always check if it fits their lifestyle and the ideal place to do that is in real life. So when Honda Thailand launched the All-new CR-V in 2017 under the concept “Nothing’s Out of Reach”, we wanted to expand the possibilities of reaching Honda’s brand new model. “Reach CR-V Anywhere” is the first mobile application that can turn any car into the All-new Honda CR-V using augmented reality technology. By just scanning any license plate, users can experience both the exterior and interior of the vehicle while checking out the key features as if they own it. They can even snap photos of their new virtual car to share with friends on social media channels. The application became an instant buzz with over 8,000 downloads within the first month after the launch. 2,000 units of the All-new CR-V were booked even before they hit the dealers. Above all, we make choosing the right car easier than ever because it can now happen literally anywhere.




Digital advertisment created by Rabbit's Tale, Thailand for Honda, within the category: Automotive.

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