HoloLens Coming To China By End Of May

HoloLens Coming To China By End Of May
May 12, 2017

A year after Microsoft started shipping HoloLens devices to the United States and Canada, it’s ready to expand the holographic / mixed reality gadget to another huge territory: China. On stage at Build 2017, Microsoft’s Alex Kipman announced that HoloLens will arrive in China by the end of this month.


The headset is already available in nine countries, but Microsoft sees China as “the world’s biggest market for virtual reality.” So far, Kipman said that “over 22,000 developers imagined over 70,000 transformative concepts on HoloLens.” HoloLens was Microsoft’s first huge (and expensive) undertaking in pushing forward its mixed reality ambitions. Now the goal is to push that technology into lower-priced headsets. To that end, at Build the company also demonstrated new motion controllers.

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