H&M Group Enters Virtual Reality

H&M Group Enters Virtual Reality
June 8, 2018

H&M Group announce two innovative technology features during Stockholm Fashion Tech Talks, a conference discussing digitisation in the fashion industry. 


 In collaboration with Google, H&M group has developed a pioneering voice app for H&M Home. It will be one of the first voice applications ever to be released within the fashion/ interior market. Additionally, the H&M group brand Monki, has partnered up with HoloMe to explore a unique creation of high definition human holograms in Augmented Reality, which are currently being introduced. 


"At H&M group we constantly work on innovations that create extraordinary customer experiences. The fashion industry is changing fast and technology is more important than ever as an enabler in adapting to an ever-changing society," says Elin Frendberg, H&M group Business Development.

H&M group in partnership with google assistant, is developing H&M Home Stylist, a voice application that will provide personal styling suggestions, mood boards and inspiration for every room in the home. The application with be easily accessed when you ask the Google Assistant to talk to H&M Home Stylist via your phone. To make the experience even more personal, the application will have an exclusive human voice. The H&M Home Stylist app will be tested and developed with input from our customers.


Monki and HoloMe have partnered up for an avant-garde test of high-definition human holograms in Augmented Reality, accessible through a smartphone or tablet with minimal data usage, turnaround time, and processing power. Images of nine selected Monki outfits are enhanced with effects in 3D, allowing the viewer to monitor the garments in great details and experience the holograms as being present in the room.


"The two cases we are announcing and testing are illustrations of cutting edge technology in our field. We are really excited and proud to soon release our first voice stylist for H&M Home and to be able to explore a world with a unique Hologram/Augmented Reality experience for the Monki customer," says Elin Frendberg.


Stockholm Fashion Tech Talks takes place in conjunction to the Brilliant Minds/Symposium Stockholm, a conference for global thought leaders, and is held at Fotografiska Museum in Stockholm.

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