'Half-Life: Alyx' Announcement Boosts Valve Index Sales

'Half-Life: Alyx' Announcement Boosts Valve Index Sales
November 28, 2019

Most packages of Index, Valve’s high-end VR headset released earlier this year, are sold out following last week’s announcement of Half-Life: Alyx.


If Valve is counting on Half-Life: Alyx being a killer app for VR, early signs suggest they may just get their wish. While Valve’s Index headset was backordered at launch earlier this year, a few months later it became available for ‘immediate shipping’ and stock appears to have held steady ever since… until now.


Following last week’s announcement of Half-Life: Alyx, most Index packages—the headset-only, controllers-only, and headset + controller packages—are currently listed in the US and Canadian stores as sold out with a ‘Back in Stock Soon’ message in place of the order button.

As for the ‘full kit’ package (headset + controllers + base stations) in the US, Valve is advising that anyone ordering today can “expect delivery before December 25th,” nearly a month from now.


Valve sells Index in 31 countries; so far we’ve confirmed stock shortages in the US and Canada.


Update (November 28th, 2019): Road to VR reader Immersive Computing reports that the UK version of the Steam store is showing regular 4-8 day delivery times on all Index kits. We’ve also confirmed that availability in Italy is nominal.


If you can access the Steam store in a region other than the US, UK, and Italy, please check the Index page on Steam and drop us a comment below with what kind of shipping availability you see on each kit.


While Valve has confirmed that Half-Life: Alyx will be compatible with all PC VR headsets via Steam, the game is expected to play best on Index thanks in part to the advanced finger-tracking capabilities of the Index controllers. Valve also announced that it would be giving Half-Life: Alyx away to any owners of Index hardware (headset or controllers).

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