Google Leak Unveils Daydream VR Details

Google Leak Unveils Daydream VR Details
September 10, 2016

At the beginning of October, Google GOOGL -1.71% is reportedly announcing several highly anticipated devices. Specifically Google will host an event on October 4th where it will reveal new “Pixel” smartphones and a new version of the Chromecast, according to a source with Android Police. Google is also likely going to highlight its Google Home and Daydream VR viewer products at the event.

Android Police’s source said that more details about the Daydream VR platform will be unveiled at the event next month. Google gave a sneak peek of the Daydream VR platform at I/O back in May.

Rumor has it that the Daydream virtual reality device will be called “Daydream View.” Manufacturers will also be able to utilize the Daydream software platform to develop their own VR headsets. The Pixel XL is reportedly going to be Daydream-ready too.

Some of the apps that will be available on the Daydream VR platform at launch will include YouTube, MLB and HBO Now. And Google is working with YouTube celebrities to promote Daydream.

Android Police said it doesn’t know where Google will be holding the event, but venues in New York and San Francisco have been used in the past so it seems likely that it will be somewhere in one of those locations. It’s also worth mentioning that the date of the announcement may be subject to change.

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