GameStop & Best Buy: A Midnight Launch For PSVR

GameStop & Best Buy: A Midnight Launch For PSVR
October 10, 2016

GameStop and Best Buy Will Have Midnight Launch for PlayStation VR
Good news for those of you not living in the U.S. Eastern time zone: You can get the PlayStation VR a few hours before its official release. Retail stores GameStop and Best Buy have both announced that they will have a midnight launch for the much-anticipated virtual reality headset next week. Several of their stores across the country will open doors at 12:01 AM Eastern time.
This means if you live in either the Central, Mountain, or Pacific time zones, you can grab the PSVR on October 12 at 11:01 PM, 10:01 PM, and 9:01 PM, respectively. While a few hours don’t mean much of a difference, it does give you a headstart on a few games.
At the very least, you can recommend to your late-buying friends which games they should and shouldn’t waste money on. Both GameStop and Best Buy will have limited stock on the actual release day, however, so you might want to really consider staying up late for the midnight madness.

Additionally, GameStop will offer the chance to lower your costs for the PS VR by trading in your used games and other accessories. Quite a helpful promo, especially if you have a tight budget and a lot of games and accessories you deem not worth keeping. If you want to get in on the fun, you can check out first if your area does have a nearby store via the GameStop and Best Buy websites.
The PlayStation VR comes with a hefty $400 price tag. However, it will also require you to buy a PlayStation 4 console and a PlayStation Camera, if you don’t have both already.
If you’re looking to save up, the latter comes in a $500 bundle which also includes two Move controllers and PlayStation VR Worlds. The PS VR launches worldwide on October 13. The VR headset is Sony’s first attempt in joining the VR craze that the Oculus Rift kicked off earlier this year.

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