G2A.Com Forms Monad Rock Videogame Studio

G2A.Com Forms Monad Rock Videogame Studio
February 20, 2018

Its first videogame Summer Funland should be released this month.


Online videogame marketplace G2A.com first showcased its interest in building virtual reality (VR) titles back in 2015 announcing G2A Land for Oculus Rift, which then launched in 2017. Over the past couple of years the G2A dev studio’s plans have expanded, revealing new experiences like Blunt Force and today going independent from G2A by forming onad Rock.


Just as it has done, Monad Rock will specialise in creating videogames and app for VR headsets. Additionally, subsequent products will be developed in various other technologies for both PCs and consoles.


“We are confident that Monad Rock will achieve great success,” said Maciej Kuc, Head of PR at G2A.com in a statement. “The studio has become independent, giving it full freedom to develop projects and talk with investors,”


“Working for G2A.com has been a great experience for the entire team. It was an intense time for us. We worked hard, accomplished many things, and learned a lot,” explained Marcin Kryszpin, CEO of Monad Rock. “The next step in our development is establishing a free-standing studio. The projects and brands that we created together with G2A.com will now be continued and developed by Monad Rock. From now on, we work independently.”

The studio is currently working on two VR titles. The previously announced Blunt Forcea first-person shooter (FPS) set during World War 2. The screenplay for Blunt Force is being crafted together with Hollywood screenwriter Mark Bristol. “It is a very ambitious project, which we will give greater details on soon,” added Kryszpin. However, we are currently focused on preparing Summer Funland for its upcoming premiere.”


Second title Summer Funland is the newest of the two, a theme park simulator that offers a myriad of attractions, including all the experiences available in G2A Land. “It is worth noting that all players who currently own G2A Land will receive Summer Funland for free,” said Kryszpin.


As for G2A.com, the online retailer will be focusing on two of its biggest products: G2A Marketplace and G2A PAY. “We are investing primarily in the development of our transaction system, machine learning, and blockchain technology,” adds Kuc. “At present, this is where we will direct our maximum attention. In the future, however, we plan to work together with Monad Rock on various projects. In fact, we are still working with the studio on one joint venture – the life-saving VR application that helps teach doctors how to detect heart defects in unborn children.”


Summer Funland is scheduled to be released during February 2018 on both Steam and the Oculus Store, with a PlayStation VR version following shortly after.

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