The Future Of Real Estate For Devs Lies In VR

The Future Of Real Estate For Devs Lies In VR
August 4, 2017
The Mill at Broadway is using a different tool to get people interested in moving there.


"The virtual reality gives it that cool factor and that sense we're on the cutting edge," Kevin Smith, Project Manager, Mill at Broadway, said.


They're trying to sell a completely new neighborhood which is hard. The area is known for being industrial. 


Virtual reality takes people to what the community will look like from the inside of homes to the streets. 


"Being able to see the view and look out what we were able to see was really kind of nice," said Allan Dudding, homeowner. 


This kind of technology is really new in real estate but some brokers say they don't bother with it since homes, neighborhoods, and reputations sell themselves. 


However, in this new community off of Broadway, reality is best seen through goggles.

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