Free-Roam VR Company Zero Latency Raises $7M

Free-Roam VR Company Zero Latency Raises $7M
December 5, 2016

Melbourne based free-roam virtual reality experience company Zero Latency has raised $7 million in a pre-IPO funding round, The Australian reports.


The funding will be used to expand Zero Latency’s virtual reality game portfolio.


Since August 2015, the company has been offering ware-house scale virtual reality gaming experience in North Melbourne, Australia.


Users wearing a Oculus Rift VR headset and an Alienware backpack PC, can enjoy cable-free multiplayer virtual reality gaming experience for $65 (88 AUD). The experience lasts 45 minutes and up to six people can play simultaneously.

Earlier this year, the company launched a gaming center in Florida, and in Tokyo with Sega. The company is reported to be planning at least two more VR gaming centers in the US.

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