Find The Best VR Experiences Near You

Find The Best VR Experiences Near You
June 7, 2017

We are happy to announce you the launch of the first worldwide directory of VR locationsVRNISH, accessible on

Helping consumers find great VR places, and try stunning VR experiences, is one of the best ways to help VR reach the mass market.


VRrOOm's mission is to continuously help the VR industry strive, by facilitating solutions which significantly contribute to bridging the gap between the professionals and the market.


This is the reason why VRrOOm, as a media and distribution platform dedicated to VR/AR, builds a strategic alliance with VRnish, formed by VR lovers and content creators, to answer the question most often asked: "where can I try VR ?"


There is a missing link between VR locations and consumers, that's why VRNISH was created.


VRNISH allows people to find nearest VR locations addresses, and check details : available VR experiences, from games to movies, including arty experiences ; opening hours ; customers reviews and ratings. Online reservation will be soon operating.


There is a great demand from VR location owners, and VR content creators. VRNISH is an easy way for them to promote their locations and contents... VRNISH simply helps them shine in VR.


VR location owners, such as arcades, movie theaters, museums, escape rooms, permanent and temporary places can create and manage their own page, for free, on The same is offered to VR content creators, including games, fictions, arty experiences.


VRNISH already references more than 200 locations (Asia not included) and around 300 VR experiences.

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