Facilicom Trains Cleaning Staff In VR

Facilicom Trains Cleaning Staff In VR

Gom, the Dutch cleaning division of Facilicom is now using virtual reality (VR) to train its employees.


Emine Turksever, who is responsible for Gom training, explains: "Gom has successfully applied blended learning on a large scale since 2014. This mix of practical classes and e-learning is working well. This is evident from our pass rates. However we were also looking for resources to even better support our employees in enjoyable ways in realising their learning objectives."


Marco Konter is responsible for innovations and new concepts within Gom. "Our business development unit develops innovative applications for clients, but these can of course be applied internally as well," he says.


"We have been testing VR in our department for some time. We are seeing many opportunities and together we believe that providing support in training our people is one of these opportunities."


The first training environment is now almost complete for Gom Hospitality. Marco Konter continues: "VR is a valuable addition to our practical training programs. It enables our colleagues to take another look at a hotel room - conveniently at home, at a time that suits them best.


"Via interactive info points you can retrieve photos with information. This can be done via the internet using any device: PC or tablet, and of course it is a lot of fun to do this using VR."


Konter adds: "Our people are provided with a cardboard VR unit and can then use their own device at home to literally look around 360 degrees in the hotel room. The hotel room is not drawn in a computer program, but instead is a real photo and you are standing right in the middle of this photo.


"The initial response is highly enthusiastic. Of course we are aware of the fact that 'fun' contributes to learning performance and this is once again evident here as well.

"It is as if you are really standing in the hotel room; from floor to ceiling," Emine concludes. "We are integrating these modules into our blended learning platform and into our Learning Management System."


The company sees many other applications for the VR training system.

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